Thursday, 9 June 2016

New Drawings, Handmade Paper, art drop....

Above is the card I made for our friend Jordan Jackson who I thought his birthday was yesterday, I got it wrong, It is today.

Above is new drawing on handmade paper, the drawing is mine and my wife made the paper. I am considering this one a one of my entries to The Exeter Contemporary Open of course I will have to get it framed.

Above is another I am considering for the Exeter show, my new sharpies are coming in handy.

Above is one I am not sure I have finished, I may well continue with it tonight.

Today I spent an hour drawing at the workshop on another large drawing and then went and delivered a new one to Melanie at The Uys Gallery Tregenna Hill St Ives. I seem to have not got a picture of that one at the moment. I discussed my other possible entry 'Blackstar/Starman'.

With the two handmade paper drawings and this it should show a bit of a range of what I do, apart from the grids and sea pottery etc etc.

Mid afternoon we went over to Hayle and Godrevy delivering workshop flyers and then back to town.
Below is todays art drop.


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