Saturday, 25 June 2016

Alfred Wallis and pebble.

Above is a drawing done on a large pebble using a sharpie, white gel pen and a uni pin pen. Hopefully it is in a new series requested by The UYS Gallery, I do need to get more pebbles first though.

After the shock of yesterdays referendum result Zoe Eaton and myself did a really nice 'Alfred Wallis Tour and Paint' workshop at Barnoon. A lovely couple from Bristol attended, I took them for an informative tour around town and then back up to Barnoon for Zoe to deliver the painting side of it. Time flew and hopefully we all cheered up a bit.
Above is the 'alfredwallisalike' I did this afternoon and I am quite pleased with it considering I do not major in painting.
Below is a picture of a house in town the shares my opinion, well done to them for showing their opinion.

Well that just about wraps it up for my day, it would have been a lovely day without the massive referendum cloud hanging over us. I am off to draw myself back to happiness.


  1. The Alfred Wallis tour cheered us up too. As did Glastonbury and the local ale. Thanks for a great start to our holiday! Steve and Manda