Sunday, 12 June 2016

Numbers: To count or not to count, that is the question.

Above is a drawing I completed this morning after working on it all last night, it looks quite a simple thing on the face of it but you do realise there are lot of dots on it so for a change I counted them. 13,029. I now need it in a frame.

Above is the first drawing on a section of cut tree that was a donation from Graham. I really like it. I did this one whilst waiting for primer to dry on our new advertising boards for the Barnoon Workshop.In the spirit of not usually counting but today doing so, 602 on this one.

Over a hundred on this one so that means 13,737 dots done in the last 24 hours. I left this one near our workshop for somebody to find.

Thinking about it I must have done millions of dots as part of my art, who knows how many Icertainly don't.

It is nearly time for us to have dinner and after that I have to try and prepare my entry for the Exeter Contemporary. Hope I get it sorted.

Wish list for this week:

  • More booking on our workshops
  • More sales of my art
  • Entry to The Exeter Contemporary
  • More new drawings that I am happy with
  • A good Arts Festival Meeting
  • Fun
Below is my wife's latest finished painting, I think it is beautiful.

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