Saturday, 4 June 2016

New drawings and a bit of a day off

Above is on of two drawings I completed last night whilst watching the TV. The small dot were done the night before and I actually had know idea what I was going to do with them, so I picked a pen and started. Part of the way I work.

The reverse and yes another in my bleeding narrative series.

Above very small art drop near Porthcurno beach, sadly no basking sharks there today but hey at least we have seen dolphins this week off Porthmeor, always a wonderful experience.

A view out to sea this morning from above Barnoon Cemetery, it was a bit hazy but hot.

This afternoon a well earned rest after a very taxing week, Logan's Rock from Porthcurno even hazier than this morning but despite that the sun was quite furious so only spent an hour on the Beach and felt quite sensible about that especially after seeing some really salmon pink people a bit later.

Popped over to The Tinners Arms in Zennor after our beach visit and had a nice relax and bumped into my photographer friend Nick Bradford. I had not seen him for months after he came on one of my abstract drawing courses. We vowed not to leave it so long next time......

Tomorrow I have to take my son back to Bristol so his Mum can pick him up for school next week, always miss him when he leaves, charming young man that he is becoming.


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