Wednesday, 29 June 2016

More new drawings as normal....

 Above and below are the first two drawings I did last night, a nice subtle bleed through on the reverse below.

Above and below although not picture the same way are another pair of bleeding narratives

Above and below working on the same principal of working on the bleeding narrative no matter how subtle.

Above another on completed last night but I didn't finish the reverse.

Above and below are two line drawings also done last night.

Today has been a day of setting up the workshop a quick lunch in town, a visit to my framer Dean to drop 5 pieces off for his special treatment. I will photo these when I get them back befor I take them to the Gallery.

I am looking forward to being in the UYS Gallery all Saturday so do pop in.

Also today Zoe Eaton, my wife has been running soap making and candle making workshops at Barnoon Workshop I also have a guitar workshop later to deliver and then it is on with more drawing.

See you tomorrow....

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