Thursday, 23 November 2017

Work in Progress, photo of the day and 'Obliterarty'


Above is the drawing I started last evening and got quite far with, we have friends over this evening so I might not do too much drawing.

Curious photo of the day, which is starting to be a slightly irregular feature of my blog these days. This is lichen growing on the plastic seat of an old Ikea stool.

As I have not got too much to say or report today I will leave you with a selection of drawings from my second Obliterarty Book, a repurposed  book of fairly dreary poems and watercolours. I think I made it better.

See you all tomorrow, if you are still interested in my rather mundane life as an artist. I mean by this I have a routine that does not vary too much with my drawing but I think that is how I manage to get quite a bit of work done and hopefully satisfy myself with what I have achieved.
Looking back at these 'obliterarty' drawings now I am pretty pleased with the concept and also the look and what I consider to be playful exploration.


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