Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Drawing Tour, New Work, Mark Osterfield and bits of today.

Wednesday: A lovely day.

 However I will take you back to last evenings drawing session where I finished the first drawing in my new whole sketchbook work, as yet untitled. I think this drawing is a good opener and and leads you into the book in a nice clean way with lots of possibilities there after.

Today I took a lovely little group of people out on a drawing tour of the town, buildings and architecture was this mornings theme and off we went to Barnoon Terrace and then onto Norway Square. Hopefully you can tell that if you are familiar with this restful spot. Sometimes however it is a cultural place too, when we have the Lit Fest and the September Festival it is taken over in the early afternoons by Bob Deveraux, artist, poet and generally all round good fella. These events are always worth catching if you get the chance.

Bob in Norway Square.
 After our drawing session in the square concluded I went off to Norway Stores and bumped into Mark Osterfield, current director of Tate St Ives we had a happy little chat on this beautiful afternoon he seemed very chirpy and then we went on our ways. I then went back off to the workshop for lunch and to spend the afternoon working on our art with my wife.

 Above is a drawing I sort of started last evening and then carried on with this afternoon whilst manning the exhibition with my wife while she was painting.

Below are a few shots from around town today to give you a sense of how nice it was today down here. We are blessed to live here no matter how hard it can be.

As usual at this time in the evening I have the television on and tonight I also have a couple of bottles of cider as a reward and am now off to relax and draw. Cheers!

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