Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Whole sketch book work and progress.


Above is the my new drawing and the 12th in my new whole sketchbook work, I have a lot more to do to this one so after doing this blog I will be getting on with it.

Today has been a busy day getting on with new events and website work for Barnoon Workshop in St Ives just behind The Tate....

I really have to start thinking about finishing off some work for the next open exhibition at The Society of St Ives Artist and have just over a week to get my work in. I have been fortunate to have been accepted for the last four exhibitions there. Last time the curator was Anthony Frost, son of Sir Terry Frost both abstract artists that I have a lot of time for.both.

So amid all the others things we have to do for our business I seriously need to get some other work done than in my new book work but for tonight that is what I am doing.

Below are some of the other drawing I have done recently in my whole sketch book work. When the book is complete it will have 70 drawings so quite a way to go.

I think this 'book' is coming together well.


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