Saturday, 4 November 2017

Work In Progress or not 40th Birthday, Patrick Heron and Barnoon Workshop.


So in yesterday evenings drawing session that must have been four hours I got on with filling more hollow dots with colour. At this stage I am not sure if it is finished or not but I really like it as it is and if I do continue with this work I will have to do another that ends up a bit like it later on in this book. We will see, I will report back tomorrow so you can see how it ended up.

Today started with me heading into town to pick a few things up for our Patrick Heron Painting Party. A 40th birthday party surprise for someone at Barnoon Workshop and below you can see the results of their efforts. It was fun and we even got a bit of birthday cake each too.

After the session we had a quick lunch and then back up to the workshop to take the rest of the exhibition down and get it repackaged for sending out. Karen Foss also picked up her work and it was nice to see her and have a natter.

We were also greeted with this sight from the workshop.

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