Friday, 3 November 2017

The evolution of a drawing, Hand Held View and Peter Saville


Today we have been manning the last day of our Hand Held View exhibition at Barnoon Workshop and a lovely day it has been and quite a few visitors and inbetween  all that I have been doing a drawing, no surprise to my regular readers I am sure. Having spent about four hours or so drawing I will show you below the eveolution of this latest drawing in my new book.

Above is the start of the drawing that was started the evening before last.

Above is how far I had got with the drawing after last evenings drawing session and as you can see it had grown quite a bit.

Today I then got it all filled in by half way through the afternoon and then my thoughts turned to colour.

 So I turned to my Berol watercolour pens that my son gifted me when he was last down. They are part of a box of his pens from Middle School and first part of secondary that he doesn't use anymore so he brought them down for me, very thoughtful. He knows I like pens and would get a lot of use. So I added some turquoise.

I then added some yellow.

Then some purple.

Then finally some orange, mind you some more to do later.

This evening a few of our pals turned up as we we starting to get the exhibition ready for taking down and to get ready for tomorrows Patrick Heron painting party. Jordan Laurence Jackson arrived and shortly after we had a little flow of his fellow Tate workers popping in. He had already taken his photos off the wall and his Father had taken them back with him. So when one of Jordan's co-workers arrived he tried to show a photo of them in situ.

My wife then found a skull in the pop corn.

Above are our merry little band near the end of the day. Erin Lacy, Jordan Jackson, Marie Keeling and my lovely wife Zoe Eaton.
When I came in and started planning my blog tonight I went on to my blog 'reading list and found a nice thing about Peter Saville and how he had fabricated 3D versions of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album cover. I won't say anything else but give you the link so you can read too.

I have always had a lot of time for Peter Saville.

Well I am off to continue with my evolving drawing. Cheers!

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