Monday, 20 November 2017

Work In Progress, Monday Drawing at Barnoon Workshop and 40,000 views.


 Above is a drawing that has been slowly evolving over the last few days as I have worked on another drawing for the Christmas open which I have been getting ready for framing. I also have another to frame ready to put in.

Today started as Monday does with my wife running the drawing group at Barnoon Workshop and today we started drawings inspired by Jean-Michael Basquiat. Above is the first more literal drawing I did playing with some of his themes.

It was a hearty group today and we then got into some other drawing spinning the theme in a more personal style so above and below playing with ideas. I love attending the drawing group it helps me try new things and also to weave my own style out of it too.

Above is the drawing I completed yesterday and is now called 'Repeater' after the new Teleman song that was featured in Mary Ann Hobb's Art is Everything program on 6 Music which I have now uploaded onto the Art Is Everything platform on the 6 Music website.

The rest of today has been spent getting ready for our visitor who had originally intended to come and stay with to build a new large lantern for the Lantern Parade but we have had to not be involved this year because of many things and personalities. More of which I will not divulge at the moment but needless to say I was quite annoyed and upset about as we started the St Ives Lantern Parade and ...........
Still our friend is now down here for a couple of weeks on holiday.

I have also noticed that my blog has now reached over 40,000 views, thank you all.

I will be off to draw shortly and to catch up with world news and how nuts this world seems to be at the moment. I am pleased to be in the 'Penwith Bubble' which actually helps me not get over involved.


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