Sunday, 26 November 2017

New work in progress and some other drawings to show some of what I do.


 Above is a drawing I started yesterday and got quite far with in last nights drawing session so I would think about 4 hours work so far and I will continue it when I get to draw later.

Today I have not done 'art' so far because I had a client for my guitar course and it was a good starter session with a good student who worked very hard.

Above is a larger scale drawing and now it is heading into winter I will hopefully have a bit of time to get a few more larger scale works and below are some examples of drawings from various points in the last two years. I have spent some time being more colourful but I always like to be rooted in monochrome. Although the new drawing I am working on is monochrome at the moment I will be adding colour in the second phase.

The above drawing is from my whole sketchbook work 'The Monochrome Set'

Above another drawing from a whole sketchbook work but using my obliterarty style.

Above is a large A1 size drawing that took rather a lot of time it seemed like a huge task but day after day and in spare moments I added dots into each grid. I did it in non evening drawing session time and it must have taken 6 to 8 weeks of fitting drawing in with life and that can be a logistic problem but I have to fir it in.

Above is a post Monochrome Set drawing using the same initial ideas but then adding colour, it seemed a logical extension of what I had been doing earlier this year.

Above and below are two drawings from another whole sketchbook that I did to accompany the Hand Held View Exhibition we had at Barnoon a short while ago,

Above is a much older drawing from my first whole sketchbook work which was my first serious journey into what I do now, which is mostly about mark making, dots and lines and over recent years adding colour too.

I am off to draw now so I have something to show the world tomorrow. It is important to me that I keep creating and work hard to explore my ideas.


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