Tuesday, 28 November 2017

What I call Contemporary Abstract Drawing.


I must first report that I have finished another drawing in my latest 'whole sketchboook' work and I am very happy with the way the idea has turned out. I do try to visualise what a drawing will look like when I set out the rules at the start and this one has turned out better than initial thoughts had led me to believe.

I was hoping that the weather would be good enough that I would get people on my art tour and draw but I have to admit it was too cold and windy so after staying about 30 minutes at Barnoon Workshop I went off to distribute leaflets and posters for our future events. Above is the view from above Porthmeor about 11:15 this morning.

Above is a sign that brings sadness to the folk of St Ives and to visitors alike our best grocers have finally closed it will be greatly missed good luck to Mr Trim and co.

Earlier this year my friend and 'the artists friend' Jordan Laurence Jackson came and took some photos of some of my art and here are three pics of one drawing I did about a year ago and I hope his pics give you and idea of the work and the industry it took to get it finished.

It was executed with a uni-pin fine liner .01 pen and took many many days of work.

Another pic that Jordan took on that day is this drawing above that was also a bit of an epic task to complete, they both give you an idea of some of the work I do that I call 'Contemporary Abstract Drawing'.

Today I have started a twitter account to see if that helps me get my art out into the world a bit more. https://twitter.com/BobbyWotnotArt
We will see what happens.

I am soon to be off to draw, cheers.

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  1. Hi Peter/Bobby,
    I had a comment on my most recent blog on mental health and capitalism that was really for Steve McIntosh but I was intrigued because the comment came from Pete McClure, an artist who was once based here on the Penwith peninsula - and I wondered if you knew him. I went on to your blog and discovered that it had seemingly stopped at the end of November. Are you OK? Best wishes, Rob and Louise