Friday, 17 November 2017

Beautiful November Day In St Ives Cornwall.


Today started with a very warm but chilled  green tea start up at our workshop. The weather was beautiful for this time of year. We did quite a few maintenance things and then had a few things to do in town and below is the view across the bay at about midday, it warms the soul.

About half an hour later we spent a bit of time on one of the benches near the Fisherman's Mission and who wouldn't want to linger on this spot for a while in the warm sunshine.

As you travel around our adopted town you find things like this above. It is a sign outside the utterly wonderful 'Sir Richard Burton Museum, it is a 'pocket' set up by Shanty Baba, our local Story Teller and his wife.

In last evenings drawing session I did a bit of drawing but I didn't get too far so haven't recorded it yet. I have also started working on an entry to the Christmas open at The Mariners that I have to hand in next Wednesday.

Above is a large grid drawing and looking at the drawings below they represent only part of the range of my work. I also think that they do give you a bit of an idea of what I do. All of these have been done within the last two years and I have traveled many other different paths with my drawing over that period too.

I am off to draw now so I have something to show you tomorrow.

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