Sunday, 5 November 2017

A Day Of Rest, New Work, Abstract Drawing and The Aphex Twin.

Sunday: A day of rest.


Back to yesterday, I did a bit more to the fourth drawing in my book see above and of course I then got straight on with the next work in the book.

So whilst watching Saturday evening television and the new series of 'I Know Who You Are' the very intriguing Spanish crime thriller. I cannot say that watching that program had any relationship with this drawing but it just grew and when I had a satisfying shape I then started to fill in the hollow dots with a turquoise Berol fine pen. I didn't quite get to finish it but I was satisfied with my evenings work.

Today has been a day of coming up with more workshop ideas and working on the website whilst getting a bit of a normal Sunday in, well normal for us.

Above is that fifth drawing in the book now completed in a part of this afternoon which means I was free to think of ideas and even start the next one in the series. It is only just started so I have thought not to show its very genesis but I am thinking how it moves on from now and can't wait to get on with it.

Another activity today was starting to form ideas for future Monday drawing classes and other ideas too. The small drawing above is part working out and the germ of an idea for a slightly different drawing project which would be called something like 'My Favourite Albums' or some such moniker. That could be a nice future drawing project and one that quite attracts me even though not quite in my original remit of 'Abstract Drawing'. I do however think it is a strong theme for something in the future. I did this drawing of one of my favourite albums on CD, I remember buying this at the time a felt I had really discovered a genius in the making but I had no idea of what The Aphex Twin would become over the next 25 years. An album I always enjoy listening to, as a whole or when a track appears on shuffle.

Well I am off to think more about drawing workshops and to get some drawing done and enjoy Blue Planet II.


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