Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Barbara Hepworth Museum, Work in Progress and an Art Tour.


Above is that drawing I have doing in small grabbed session but I have now completed the monochrome under drawing I now have colour to add, which will I am sure take some time but that is within the nature of most of my work, a pure simple idea that creates many hours work.

This morning I did and art tour and draw for two and we had a very pleasant time pottering around town drawing as I filled in with some art history of the town. We started by heading up to Alfred Wallis's grave and then out and about around the town and finally ended up at The Guildhall for a bit of 19th Century art gems upstairs.
 I then went to meet my wife Zoe and our friend who is staying with us, then back up to Barnoon Workshop after picking up the remainder of 'stuff' from Erin's Pick Pretty Paints in The Sloop Craft Market.

We finally headed off back into town to get a few things to find out that my friend has finally sold his shop. I am very pleased for him but it is sad that we will lose the best grocers in town. Above is a pic of the scaffolding going up so they can re-roof The Barbara Hepworth Museum. It does seem that it is not open again until March 2018.

This afternoon after sorting out some new events for the workshops in the future I had a coffee outside in the back garden and found this on our garden table, how natural and beautiful is this sycamore seed.....

I am off to get some drawing done and get ready for tomorrow.

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