Monday, 27 November 2017

Drawing Class, Work In Progress and Seaweed.


Well here I am 21 months into doing my daily blog, it maps out my daily output to show that art is not all about glamour or wafting around with an ego. I am sure both have their place in the art world but I am just an artist trying to find my way through in a complicated world and to keep up my practice and get my work more out there. So I try to draw every day I possibly can, I carry such a wealth of ideas and I do a lot of thinking whilst working on a drawing. In truth ideas for each drawing comes quite easily and is generally a reaction to the previous drawing or drawings. So above is a new work in progress that has taken two sessions so far, I reckon that is about 7 or more hours work so far. I tend not to take much notice of the time actually taken on each drawing, maybe I should document a whole drawing in that manner. That is something I played with for a while when I was doing a series of drawings on wood and they would have the radio and television programs that were on whilst I was drawing. I very rarely draw in silence unless I am drawing in the outside world which does happen more these days.

So Monday starts as Monday does, that phrase is becoming a bit of a mantra in my life as is the regular start the week drawing class I attend and very occasionally lead that my wife Zoe Eaton generally does. Today's theme was 'Ink, Seaweed and Bleach' and in this session I didn't get to grips with the bleach to well but I was in love with the seaweed forms and ink washes, so below are my experiments from this morning lovely session.

Seaweed with Inks and Fine Liner

Seaweed and half a Quince.

Towards the end of the session I ended up experimenting with Quink ink and a small but wide brush and drew/painted these three slightly abstracted seaweed pics and I really enjoyed them, it was pretty liberating and I must try and find more time to explore this.

Since the I have done workshop work, website and things and above is random pic of the day, our bulbs have started to sprout in the back garden. It always surprises me slightly how far ahead the growing season is in the far south west.

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