Wednesday, 8 November 2017

New abstract drawings, drawing tour and Wellbeing.


 Above is the drawing I started the evening before that I manage to get finished in yesterdays session and I am very pleased with it's look and the broken logic therein. It is the 7th drawing in my new whole sketchbook work which means I am one tenth in to this latest project.

 After finishing the last drawing I started the next almost without thinking, just trying to keep the flow going.

It was a beautiful morning as I went to work, to see if anyone would turn up for my drawing tour. The town seems very quiet this week and I did wonder whether I would get anyone. Just before 11am there was a knock at the door and it was author Ann Kelley who is really getting into her drawing and now draws most days and she wanted to go on the Buildings and Architecture Draw and Tour.

We first went down to Barnoon Terrace and I made this sketch in my book with a 5B Koh-I-Noor pencil. I have recently become quite enthused by this pencil. I find it a joy using this versatile instrument. I am in the process of rediscovering pencils as over the last few years I have mainly been using markers and pens. This year I seemed to have branched out....

After we left Barnoon Terrace we head to Norway Square and the sun really turned on it's November magic. Sitting down on the benches in the bright warm light chatting and drawing it was the most joyful and peaceful moments of the day. We chatted a lot, not only is Ann drawing more she seems to be making good progress on her next novel and indeed had made a small breakthrough from where she had got a little stuck. After a little while I seemed to have produce this sketch above. Towards the end of the session we seemed to deviate away from buildings and we both drew other stuff.

This was my last sketch..

I went home for lunch and then went and got some posters around one of our new courses, Art For Wellbeing and had to go back up to the workshop and took this pic on my way home.

I have since painted a kitchen floor and had dinner, written this blog and I am now very ready to draw.

It seems very quiet in the house at the moment as my wife is away at her mothers in Oxford.

Oh well on with my work.

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