Wednesday, 22 November 2017

The St Ives Society of Artists, new work and work in.


Above is the drawing I have been dipping in and out for days and last night I had a long enough session to get it nearly finished so with a quick twenty minutes today I managed to get that done. I am pleased with it and will embark on a new drawing later.

Today has been a day of getting art work ready to go in the Christmas Open at The Society of St Ives Artists, It opens this weekend with a private view 4pm - 5pm this Saturday.
I think these two selections show two different sides of my latest drawing styles that have been part of the evolution over the last year or so.

After we had dropped off work, my wife had delivered a sculpture, we then headed down to the harbour. The weather was starting to get rougher but such beautiful light and colours.

I have got to go back up to the workshop in a while as I have a guitar lesson to deliver, I always enjoy teaching guitar and it used to be something I did nearly every day as in one of my passed lives I was a full time music tutor and musician. I must admit though the weather is getting a bit lousy and with a weather warning too, still I normally enjoy the wildness of being on the coast, on a peninsula sticking into the elemental Atlantic Ocean.

Well I am off soon and then when I get back maybe I can get some drawing in.....

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