Friday, 10 November 2017

New Drawing and some of today....


So above is my latest completed drawing that I managed to finish last evening, another variation on a theme. I am now about a 7th in to this project of a whole sketchbook.

I went up to the workshop this morning it was quite cold and windy, thought I would show this garage in a green lawn, which I have never seen used, would love to use the door as a 'canvas' to draw all over....

I spent nearly an hour at the workshop and started this drawing above which I may work on further tonight.

After that I headed off to take some more posters around so out past Porthmeor and then to Norway Stores, The Sloop Craft Market, The St Ives Society of Artists and more....

So uneventful day really going to meet my wife off the train soon. It will be nice to her back, we spend so little time apart it is always a bit odd being apart. We have worked together since 2010 and are now on our second business together.

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