Thursday, 9 November 2017

MOre abstract drawing and some of my day and Trevor Bell RIP


Above is the drawing I continued with last evening and I got a good way on with it to but not quite finished.

Today I went up to the workshop just to see if anyone turned up for a draw but no one did after all it is a quiet time but sometimes that surprises me. Not today, so I got on with finishing off the drawing and being at the workshop for and hour. After that I went down into the town to The Times and Echo Office to get some ink for my cartridge pen that I found the other day. I have owned this pen for many years now but have a feeling it was my Dad's previous to me. I was lent a fountain pen on one of my drawing tours the other week and since found it and this was the first chance to get ink so I can continue exploring pens.

 Above is the start of the next drawing.

A couple of views from my day.

I then went around and put up a few posters around town and went to The Farmers Market and bumped into Kaz and also Ann Kelley. I then bought a few things from Ruby Junes or dinner tonight.

Since then I have painted a few things a door and a floor and I am about to start drawing again.

I have that art stuff to do, my compulsion to explore abstract drawing in the way that I do and to continue that journey as far as it can take me. I have come a long way on this path over the years finding my true path and then expanding what I do. I feel I have so much much more to explore that will forever keep me busy and it drives me onward of course I would like to get my world of drawing more out there in the future but I am true to what I do. In terms of the times it might be quite niche but with exposure some people get it. I continue my quest whatever!

I found out today that Trevor Bell 'The last St Ives Modernist' died yesterday. I have seen many exhibitions with him in and also quite a few solo shows. I like his work as it seems to have been part of my viewing life for so long but I know he splits opinion, Patrick Heron though he was one of the best abstract painters and I know Brian Eno doesn't get him and that is all fine and how it is. It seems a quiet end to a vibrant era in art in this town and the world outside. RIP.


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