Monday, 13 November 2017

New work on the go, Line and ink wash and Barnoon Workshop.


Above is the drawing I started working on in last evenings drawing session, obviously it is not completed yet but I will be getting on with it later.

Today being a Monday started with our drawing class at Barnoon Workshop, this morning it was led by my wife Zoe Eaton and the general idea was to draw and then add a signature colour or in my case three different ink washes. As we had had a sculpture workshop yesterday Zoe decided that we should draw some of the tools. I don't think I have ever drawn a hammer so my completed work after a couple of formative drawings was this below.
It was a fun session with plenty of banter and chat as we all took on the task and two hours just flew past.

Since then we have been around town distributing leaflets for future workshop and I also popped in to see Carl from BID to discuss a few future plans and projects and also to give him our future workshops so he may place a journalist or more with a future workshop to get the town some good press to show we are more of a town over beach, shopping and The Tate. We didn't get any placements last year but hopefully we will this coming winter. He is trying to show off the town is not just for summer.

Well I am off to draw not and watch Andrew Graham Dixon on Scandinavian art... He always does a good art doc.


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