Saturday, 11 November 2017

Abstract Drawing, Graphics and Tim Hunkin


Above is how far I got with my drawing last night, it is coming on but certainly not finished and that is what I will get on with after I have finished the blog.

Today we have been up to the workshop and also down into town distributing leaflets and posters. Since then I have been getting on with an idea for extra graphics for us to use in mail outs, the website etc.

Above a basic jar design idea.

Above a filled jar and after other sketches and bits of ideas I then finished of the drawing below.

As I was doing these I was drawn back to thinking about artist, cartoonist Tim Hunkin. I first used to see his work in one of the newspapers at the weekend showing of how things work he then moved on to everything. I great style of drawing that is different to mine but in a similar area I think to my wellbeing jar. Below is an example of his work and I love it, he is also famous for his amusements on Southwold Pier, a perfect little Tim Hunkin world. Go check his websites out there is so much he has done always a delight to discover what this man has been doing all these years.

Above and below are a couple of drawings from an earlier series of drawing I did in the summer. I found them on my memory stick and I liked them so much and they are a contrast to my current series.

I am off to draw.....

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