Thursday, 30 November 2017

New work, work in progress, a day around town and the new Mural in The Pilchard Press.


Above is the new drawing that I finished last evening, it didn't take that much finishing off but here it is now.

Above is the drawing I started immediately after finishing the last, I am I thinking not finished but a bit freer than some of the previous drawings in this whole sketchbook work I have embarked on.

Today we went out to do 'some stuff' and to clear our heads from a big confrontation yesterday that I am still reluctant to mention. That is for some future date.

We also passed this wonderful door that I have been meaning to take a pic of it for an age.

This evening we went out to meet Shanty Baba in The Pilchard Press and I have taken a pic of part of the new murial done by James, I have never known his surname but I have known him for probably six years.

I think it is lovely new addition to the pub and the town....

I am off to draw in a while, see you all tomorrow.

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