Sunday, 25 September 2016

Slow Worm, New Drawings, Art Drop and Clodgy Walk

Above and below are the two sides of the first drawing I did last night with my new Windsor & Newton promarkers. I decided to use them both in each drawing I did last night. The one below is the 'bleeding narrative' version on the reverse side of the page.

Above is the second of my double drawings last night, here I am playing with the idea of not rigidly finishing off but stopping when satisfied and not reaching the logical conclusion. It is sometimes a little bit of a thought struggle to stop and on these ones I am pleased with the results. I know what I see in this and the 'bleeding narrative' below i do wonder what other people might see?

Above is the final drawing I did last night with my two new markers, exploring new pens or new colours does make me a happy little artist. I do not have huge budgets for art materials which is why it pleases me and also why I probably work with such contemporary drawing materials and sometimes found mediums.
Below is the bleeding narrative version and it seems to me that I carried on with the not quite filling the drawing and I do like the odd balance it gives to the image.

Above is an art drop I have been preparing in between doing other drawings.

The Atlantic Ocean with White Horse

After a huge late fried breakfast we decided to go for a walk passed The Garrick Hotel and out to Clodgy. It was a bit windy but not cold and the views were magnificent, not sure I have captured them with my phone but they give you a good idea.

Looking out to The Island and the North Coast beyond.

Looking West from Codgy

Lichen shapes and colours.

My lovely wife Zoe Eaton.

Looking east from just above Clodgy

Above is the art drop I did today on the coastal path, it took a little while to do the drop and take a discreet photo as it was quite busy out there today with lots of people of all nationalities taking good advantage of the early autumn weather.

A short while along the path we found this little creature crossing the path. It is a slow worm with a missing tail. Slow Worms are lizards so the tail will re grow in time. This is the first one I have seen for a very long time. I remember seeing them in Cornwall in the 60's and 70's around Sennen Cove but I am not sure I have seen one since then and Zoe has never seen one to it was a kind of a blessing. It took a while to get off the path as we watched probably why they are called 'slow'.

Back home now feeling quite invigorated for the two hour walk we did preparing stuff for tomorrow and then onto a bit of cooking and clearing up in the House of Wotnot, then drawing.

Cheers all.


  1. Enjoyed today's blog very much - the day after my 68th birthday - the world is still rose-tinted ...

    You asked about other people's thoughts about your exploration into the world of 'not rigidly finishing off but stopping when satisfied and not reaching the logical conclusion'. Here are a few words seeking to capture my reactions:

    I like the creative tension that is produced by leaving the dots un-joined, so to speak. Life is like that. Why not mirror that in an artistic statement? It's actually quite a safe place to be; we can see how the work could be completed. The potential for completion is implicit in the work as it stands. And the resulting colour and size differences between complete and incomplete sections is aesthetically pleasing to my eye. Also, the Amish leave a flaw in their textile work as a reminder of the sin of striving for impossible perfection - but I'm less comfortable with that way of thinking. Will that do for starters?

    1. Rob, thank you so much for your view on this subject, it is great to get the feedback and to know you are with me in some ways on my journey into my drawing. Cheers.