Monday, 9 October 2017

Exhibition In A Box - Abstract Drawing


This morning I took the drawing group for the second week running and then we continued to get bits of the workshop ready for the Hand Held View exhibition that opens with the private view on Saturday evening, This afternoon Zoe did a watercolour class I went to find out what had happened to the funding for The Lantern Parade unfortunately I have found out nothing, if we don't find out soon it will be too late for us to deliver what we have been asked to do. I hope we get news soon.

Last evening I did start the fifth drawing in my new book work but I forgot to take a pic of that so will show what might be a nearly finished drawing in this blog tomorrow. I also forgot to transfer other drawings I did today in the drawing workshop this morning.

Below are some pics of most of 'Exhibition In A Box' and the box itself.

I am now off to draw and get ready for all of what tomorrow brings.

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