Thursday, 5 October 2017

Exhibition in a Box, Work in progress, Hand Held View.


Above is the drawing I worked on last evening and I feel I got quite a lot done considering all I had on paper were 100 or so hollow dots I added plenty of colour. Below gives you a better view of what is going on in this one.

 Above is a bit of my walk to work, not a bad commute, not that I drove. It was about 10 minutes after leaving the house including picking up milk at Ayr Stores, it must be one of the smallest shops in the country. Mo and his wife are always jolly and a small part of my world, dropping in for milk, paper cups and the odd vegetarian treat, they have a good range for such a small corner shop on the way to Porthmeor Beach.

So today I have spent some time painting walls at our workshop to get it more ship shape and been in to town to see Carl from BID and also to pick up lunch at The Farmers Market in The Guildhall and bumped into lots of folk including Lauren and Graham and new baby Stormy, which was lovely.

I went back up to the workshop to do more work and also while painting I had time to think about what work I am putting into our group show from the evening of 14th October private view and from the 15th to 3rd of November. I am going to enter three pieces one of which is called 'Exhibition in a Box'. I now have to document this work which is made up of multiple small drawings most on paper, so I have some work to do getting the legend of it to fruition. More about all of this later.

Below is a small shot from my return journey home across the bay, how beautiful.

I am off to draw and maybe start documenting too.

Off to Heligan tomorrow.


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