Wednesday, 18 October 2017

New drawing on the go, Tony Eastman and Chris Packham.


Above is a drawing that I started working on in last evenings drawing session, I was also watching a program on Chris Packham and his autism. Very touching it was too and also revealing some traits that I possess, not surprising really when I look at the kind of work I produce. I wouldn't be shocked if I appeared on the spectrum somewhere.
I have found Chris Packham always informative and always worth a watch ever since his early days but I had never realised what a struggle life had been for him and his family and in many ways continues to be. I admire his complete honesty in this documentary, I have continued to think about this hour of viewing all day on and off.

Below is a close up of the work I started last night and have continued to work on for a couple of hours today.

This day has been a good day it started by me manning the exhibition at Barnoon and we had quite a few visitors including exhibitor Tony Eastman it was a pleasure to meet him and I highly recommend you take a look at his work on his website 
It is also a pleasure to have him in the show, I will get better pics of his work in our show that my wife curated for tomorrow's blog.
This afternoon was part workshop and part gallery as we had a wire drawing workshop that my wife led, I joined in but helped with visitors to the Hand Held View show. We closed the workshop later than we were intending to as we had a few visitors from the show.
Since then all the ordinary things have happened and I received a communication to say someone had found one of my 'art drops'. It is always a nice moment for me when someone finds one of my free art pieces and even better when they let me know, a little happiness has been spread.

I am off to draw.


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