Monday, 16 October 2017

Helen Birch - Freehand, Starting the week


I have probably started most Monday blogs with something like this, and this is no real exception. Monday starts as Monday does with my wife's drawing class at Barnoon Workshop, I have taken the class a few times myself but it is really Zoe's domain. Today we we working from the Helen Birch book 'Freehand'. An excellent book that we picked up at the Tate St Ives bookshop yesterday. We had a lively group this morning, one newcomer and a German lady on holiday four regulars and me.

The two hour session shot past with us all taking something from the book and going with it under Zoe's gentle guidance. I think we were all pleased with what we had done, some serious work was done and a few flippant fun drawings too. I am going to delve a lot deeper into this Freehand book, it features many many different artists, the narrative is straightforward, simple and direct. As a small reasonably priced art book it is a bit of a gem.

We had lunch at the workshop and then in the afternoon I went home to do some Barnoon admin whilst Zoe delivered a watercolour session.

I have not managed any new pics of my new drawings, two done last night and a few sea pottery shards that have been put out for art drops.

So I am going to show some recent works.

 Above is 'Red Hollow Dots' on found sea washed plywood and is one of my enteries in the Hand Held View Exhibition.

 Above is an A2 drawing also themed up with hollow dots.

Above is an A2 on a stained glass window grid.

 Above is another A2 from a series I did in the summer.

Above and below are two more from the same series.

Above is the final one for this blog and was also from this series.

I must also mark that this daily blog well I have missed 1 day in nearly 600 has reached 30,000 plus views, so thank you for reading.

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