Thursday, 12 October 2017

St Ives Cornwall. Hand Held View.


Everything in our town seems to be about Tate and why wouldn't it be that this week. Most building work seems to be finished, film crews are filming, the press seem to be quite evident all not far from Barnoon Workshop our small independent arts business.

Above is our poster on the side of our building advertising our exhibition that opens this weekend. We have received quite a lot of interest in the show curated by my wife Zoe Eaton.

Below are three pics from last night when we visited The Tate's pre-opening. I will share other pics from the night in a round up of this week in St Ives.

 Today I had the pleasure of taking a drawing class for a French Canadian Lady, we had a lovely hour and a half realising this view and more in our sketchbooks.

We than had lunch and then tried to get on with getting ready for the show, many things got in the way but we did make headway.

Above, here we go again! a view of The Tate from our workshops front door, lots of activity still going on. I was outside painting some shelves and suddenly I realised that Nicholas Sorota had passed behind me and was watching me paint. A few minutes later Janet Street-Porter went past and more familiar faces went past as I finished with painting for the day.

I am off to continue drawing and hopefully I will have a new finished work to share with you.


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