Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Finished Drawing, Back To The Lost Gardens Of Heligan etc.


Above is the drawing I completed last evening, it has taken quite a number of days, well evenings and probably 15 or 20 hours work. At this rate this little book that I am working on is going to take some time indeed.

Also last evening I started the next page but didn't get very far because we had to get up early for us as we had another workshop to deliver at The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Above is the tipi that we did our willow weaving workshop, led by my wife and in stark contrast to last weeks session, the sun was shining. This has been a lovely day and thanks to driver Peter and Daisy from Heligan for making everything run smoothly. Also thanks to the people who came to our session.
After we had a lovely lunch before packing up the car for our return journey.

Over the last seven years or so my life has changed in many ways and it days like today that giving up a life teaching and being creative things are more the other way round being creative and teaching creative things. At this time everyday seems to be different bringing creative challenges and creative opportunities and less like being on the more treadmill life I previously had. I sometimes feel I have broken away a bit from some of societies current remits and yet I feel far more part of the world and am less caught in the system in some ways but hey that is only my perception at this time. I certainly have more time to think and do. I have always been a creative person but it is interesting and not that easy but challenging to rely on that for a living.

Here are a couple of random pics from yesterday that should have been in yesterdays blog. Above is one of Bob Wilcox's painting from his exhibition in Cafe Art, our old gaff. Bob's work always interests me and he is such a lovely bloke too.
Below is a piece of graf on the side of the laundry in St Ives that was done a few years ago by Sketch86. I now have no idea where that dude is now but here has certainly left us with a large bit of street art.

 Well I will end this blog for today and get my head into gear for what is happening in my world tomorrow and of course I am off to draw.


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