Sunday, 1 October 2017

Work in progress and random pics from today.


Above is an update on how drawing two is coming on. In last evenings session I felt that I got really stuck in but I have probably only completed a fifth of it so far so back on with the task later.

Today has been a day of what should have been rest but my wife has been organising all the entries for our up and coming exhibition 'Hand Held View' the first group exhibition at Barnoon Workshop. It will open on 14th October.

This afternoon we went up to the workshop to get ready for tomorrow's drawing class, normally my wife leads the class but for tomorrow I am taking the class which I have done a few times before and already have my theme of the day. Also while up there I found the glass that Adam Carver had given us a few weeks ago and what a lovely present it was too. I also thought I would take a random pic from yesterday's portrait activities.

Above and below are two more randoms from today, views from round the workshop.

Below are three small drawings that are making me think of what I will be putting into the 'Hand Held View' although the third one is a little big.

I am off to draw.

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