Thursday, 26 October 2017

Alfred Wallis, Shabori, Draw St Ives and Abstract Drawing


 Above is the drawing I started yesterday and it looks like I might get it finished tonight. Most drawings I do are done with a process to explore. Normally I will be thinking of variations on a theme as I draw or think of a new theme and randomly my explorations continue.

Today has been a day of arts and crafts for me, it started with helping with another Shabori workshop and then people turned up for my 'Beach Life' drawing class so off we went to draw beach stuff from our vantage point above Porthmeor and below are a few of the drawings I did today as part of the session.

This afternoon after a little business lunch and getting ideas for new workshop we then had an Alfred Wallis workshop to do and so I took a merry little band of people out to draw again for the second time today to gather some drawings to help us with what we were going on to paint. We started at the workshop with show some pictures of his painting and explaining some of Alfred's story and how he was discovered. 

After we returned to Barnoon Workshop we all got down to painting and above is the homage I did today on a small piece of  decking that hadn't even been invented as a wood thing when Alfred was painting but to me it seemed fitting enough for now to use that as my substrate and I am actually very pleased with it. 

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