Monday, 2 October 2017

A Whole Lotta Thinking Going On!


Above is the drawing that I carried on with last evening, I must have put four hours in last night and it may now be nearly halfway done. It does seem it would be a chore for most to be doing so many of these dots in different colours. I keep the pens in sequence the best I can for each session drawn so hopefully a little fragment of a story is shown in the work, I know it is there even if no one else cares or even looks for that. As I have probably said in the past in some of these nearly 600 daily blogs I can get quite a lot of thinking done. My mind kind of goes off on walkabout so to speak and last night I came up with an umbrella title for my next solo show and associated projects which may include, sound, music and video 'A Whole Lotta Thinking Going On!'.

Today started as Monday's always do with making my way up to Barnoon Workshop for the drawing group only this time I was leading the class and giving my wife the day off. Below is a view on the way to the workshop.

Today our drawing topic is in keeping with our exhibition Hand Held View was small things and continuing with pencil drawing like last weeks class in fact to be more precise 5B's.
Two hours flew by with drawing and chatting and an orange club biscuit. Below is my favourite drawing from the session by Sue.

Above and below are two of my drawings from this morning, a conifer frond and  the above view of the same pine cone that Sue drew so beautifully.

Having based this mornings class on our forthcoming Hand Held View show we then started attending to organising entries for the show including receiving Marie Keeling's small paintings in person. There are some very interesting entries indeed from the famous, infamous and much much more. I will dedicate a larger portion of a future blog to HHV in the next week. If you want to find out more click here

I am off to draw!

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