Sunday, 8 October 2017

Finished drawing, white paint and a private view.


Above is the fourth drawing that I have completed in mt new whole sketchbook work that has no title yet. These normally come to me as I work through the drawings. The last whole sketchbook I did the title must have emerged about half way through and became The Monochrome Set partly because by then I thought the book would only be black ink on white paper and a nod to a band that helped fill my world with interesting music and some humour. Sadly I only ever saw them once live but they always make a fine album with whatever line up they have had over the years.

Today for me was having a bit of a lie in and then doing more painting up at Barnoon getting ready for our exhibition opening next Saturday. The work we have done at the workshop is really starting to smarten the place up ready for 'Hand Held View'. Above is a misty view across the car park at the back of The Tate. We are still getting used to the idea that we have a view, not since we opened for business over two years ago we have only had a glimpse of the horizon and more light into our building.

After finishing off at Barnoon we then headed down to the nex exhibition in the Crypt, a group show featuring Carol Tanner, Ann Oxley and Suzi Gutierez. It was good to see all the works and take in the atmosphere of an interesting show. We also managed a quick catch up with Dori and Mike and missed many other friends but that is what it is we had to work before fun.


On and off today I have not only been thinking of starting my next drawing and how I am starting to feel some musical ideas coming into view. I need to make some sound in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Well with that in mind I am off to draw and have more of those thoughts whilst creating something new.

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