Saturday, 28 October 2017

Jacob El Hanani, Todd Camplin and a new drawing.


Above is the drawing I was working on last night and another pen ran out and with a change of blue pen with a very slightly different hue has made the drawing even better for me.

The first part of my day was manning the exhibition up at Barnoon and then back home and then go with my son to the railway station so he could return home from his holiday with us and jolly nice it has been to have him around. I joined him on the first part of the journey to St Erth and below are a few pics taken from that.

After returning to town I went back up to join my wife at the workshop until we closed.

Since then I have discovered a new artist that is quite close to some of what I do and probably the nearest in spirit and his name is Jacob El Hanani. I must look up more of this man's work. I found two strands to his work so far, one being close to two phases of my work and why wouldn't I be drawn to them monochrome, dots and lines.

Not exactly the way I approach a drawing but very very close and I like it. Thanks to Todd Camplin and his blog. 
A blog I often read.

Below are two of my drawings that I kind find easily to show why I might think there is a bit of affinity.

I am off to draw. Cheers!

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