Sunday, 22 October 2017

Drawing on wood and new drawing.


Some people get a day of rest on a Sunday but I had work today doing a beginners guitar lesson. I do really enjoy teaching guitar, in times gone by I was a near full time guitar teacher and it is still a good thing to pass on some easy tips for starting to play and seeing the pleasure it can give when someone plays their first chords and first riff.

Above is the drawing I started on Friday and finished yesterday evening. I had thought at one point that I might take it to it's final conclusion but I liked it so much when it got to this point that I decided to stop, unusual for me.

 Above is a page in my Japanese Terracotta book that I have started adding to and I think it will be an ongoing side project I am sure unless I get bored. I am aiming to re purpose this book but am thinking of keeping the text legible and talking of 'boards' below is a new skateboard deck my son has purchased but he wants me to do a drawing on for him. A nice challenge for me, although I have done a great deal of drawing on wood.

Above is a wood drawing I did a while ago and actually got printed in The Cornishman and The Times and Echo. This drawing is called flag although I am not sure whose flag it is.

Well I am going to leave you now so I can get some more drawing done and a few other things too.

Back tomorrow, cheers.

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