Thursday, 12 October 2017

Tate St Ives, Sven Berlin, The Belgrave Galllery St Ives and more.


It has been quite a day today it started going up to the workshop to get ready for our exhibition that opens at the weekend but I had a drawing tour to do which was a very small affair but a delight.

Since then I did more 'white wall painting' to get everything ship shape for the Hand Held View show.

This afternoon was spent between workshop and home as we were getting ready to go to Tate St Ives for a preview of the new show and phase two opening. We duly pitched up at 5:30 for the opening, with our free wine tickets. It was an utter delight to see all the galleries working together a fabulous St Ives Modernist and the outside influences.
There was a real buzz in the gallery tonight lots of people we know either in the gathering throng or Tate workers themselves smoothing the experience and even explaining if you were not 'down' with it.

I was told it was fine to take pics of all the show tonight but there seemed to be a concern that we shouldn't share them on social media tonight so I haven't, one has to respect that but I will share them in a day day or so's time. I really like most of this exhibition and want to go back to soak it up more. It has been the first time I have seen works by Christopher Wood next to Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson a fitting part of the story of St Ives art without all the others  involved, Peter Lanyon, Walter Scott, Adrian Stokes, Sandra Blow, Bryan Winter, pottery from Troika and loads I have not mentioned. Another thing that really connected me to this opening show is seeing books by Sven Berlin on Alfred Wallis and invitations to shows at The Crypt printed by Guido Morris. A real insight into the art movement that emanated from this small Cornish fishing town. I really recommend this exhibition to all and sundry, art lovers and newbies alike, it might just have a positive effect on you and if not it will have some sort of effect on you. I have heard tirelessly 'Emperors New Clothes' non-thought out rubbish doesn't rub with me much. Having said that if you have come to this fresh it might feel like that, read on and immerse yourself you could get a lot out of this show.

I think the overall impression I have from this experience in The Tate tonight is that this is really quite something whether you get it or not, it is an experience.

After the show I did a guitar lesson for two and then met up with my wife and Erin for a post show pint and then spent time with loads of other friends. My blog is late tonight because of all this....

I did do some drawing last evening and might fit in a small amount tonight but I will show evidence of that tomorrow, probably.

I will leave you a few few drawings I have done, because after all this is part of what this blog is about......

After having said all this you should go and see the Sven Berlin show at The Belgrave Gallery St Ives it puts into context the show at the Tate even more so... if you are interested in looking more deeply.

I will be back tomorrow giving you or just me letting me know what I did in my day of my art life and of course an update on what I have been drawing.


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