Tuesday, 24 October 2017

New book drawings, art drop found and a drawing tour.


Last night I carried on with my latest drawing and this is how far I got hopefully I will get to finishing it later but whether that will be tonight or not I know not yet.

Today was a busy morning for me, I had six on my Tour and draw today which was fun and my son came along too to document it and do some photography for his 'A' Level.

Unfortunately I haven't access to those pics so I can't show you a flavour of what we did. We started at Barnoon Workshop at 11am and went up to Alfred Wallis's grave and then around town bringing in facts about various locations and artists from the past but also some current ones too.

After the tour we went back up to the workshop and had lunch we then got ready for Zoe's afternoon Resin Charms session and then I went around the town again and went back up near the end of the session to drill some small holes in some of the shell charms so they could be used as pendents or key rings.

We seem to be having a little outbreak of fungi coming around town and I found this rather large example today it was nearly 5 inches in diameter.

I also took this shot above over the top of The Tate and Meadow Flats out to the sea beyond Porthmeor. Not bad weather and temperature.

I also discovered that most of my recent 'art drops' were found today apart from one........

I am off to draw soon but I will share a few other pics out of the book I am still working on with the drawing at the top of this blog....


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