Saturday, 21 October 2017

New drawing on the go, Storm Brian etc.


Above is the drawing I started in last evenings drawing session and I continued to draw whilst manning the exhibition today. We had quite a few visitors considering how foul the weather is the picture below does not really give you a big idea of just how windy it has been out the but you can see the sea covering Clodgy, even at low tide.

I was on my way up to the 'top' Co-op and spotted these growing on a dead silver birch tree.

Many other things have been going on today, I have had a meeting about bringing 'scale' drawings to our workshop, my son has been traveling down on the train for half term, and listened to 2 hours of the new Phillip Pullman book on Radio 4. It is called The Book Of Dust and is the prequel to Northern Lights and I must say I was really enjoying it to. I must try and find time to read it in the future.

Anyway I am off to meet my son at the railway station and to bring fish and chips home.

Cheers all.

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