Monday, 30 October 2017

Draw! Drawing, Drawings, Abstract Drawing and Tate St Ives.


As usual my blog starts with drawings I did the evening before and I have started working on the covers of my now finished sketchbook work which still doesn't have a title, hopefully that with come to me when I get drawing later.

The week starts as it does with our Monday morning drawing class and today I led the session and as the weather was so nice we took our opportunity to get up on the Tate roof garden. These two photos reference what we got up to and the two main drawings I did.

Above and below was my output from this morning.

Above is another drawing from the group that was done in the last 10 mins by one of our regulars Sue Hopper.

Above is a little art drop I did today all the others over the last couple of weeks have been collected/found. I must try and do a few more this week to replenish.

This afternoon I manned our exhibition and we even had a sale.

You may wonder what this is a picture of and I would if  I hadn't captured it on my phone. This is the 'stuff' under the glass of the light catchers above the new underground gallery at Tate St Ives.

Since then I have done some website work and helped design a new course for the workshop, more about that later.

I am off to do somethings and then to draw. I draw nearly every day of my life and it has become very much a part of me and what I do as an artist but I also fit in a lot of other creative activities which you have to do if you help run a 'creative workshop' space in St Ives Cornwall.

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