Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Contemporary Abstract Drawing, RIP Sean Hughes and an Art tour.


Above and below are my two new drawings in my latest whole sketchbook work which is yet untitled. I am as ever pleased with these drawings and they fit in the book nicely with the previous drawings, you may think otherwise. You may also think what the hell is he doing and not work out what I have been doing all these years. I believe and assert that I am doing something that could be entitled as contemporary abstract drawing, you may also not think this but there you go!

 As I hadn't brought my sketchbook back from the studio I contented myself by doing some small drawings on these sea pottery shards. Most of the time I leave these around for people to find and from the responses I get from some of the people who find them they spread a little happiness and that is just fine by me.

Today I have given an art tour of St Ives for two lovely people from Reading. I really enjoy doing these tours whether it is a big group or otherwise. What a nice way to spend a bit of my day and also gives me the excuse to sketch and here is a quick one from down on the harbour today. Part of the drawing tour thing for me is to get people drawing which hopefully they will continue after today and fill the sketchbook, I have many some are abstract and others have scenes from my adopted town.

Above is a pic of a largish ship that sheltered in the bay yesterday but by this morning it had continued on it's journey to wherever, I am guessing either out across the Atlantic or to one of our ports.

Yesterday I was shocked to hear of the death of comedian Sean Hughes at the tender age of 51, I only saw him live once at The Derngate Theatre in Northampton somewhat over 20 years ago and he was a remarkable talent who will be sadly missed by many. I was also a big fan of Sean when he was on the tele. Sean's Show especially and as a captain on Nevermind The Buzzcocks. RIP Sean.

Well I am off to have my dinner and then get on with a few things before I start drawing.


  1. I found one of your small art works on a car park wall in St Ives today. What a lovely thing to happen! Thank you!