Friday, 20 October 2017

New drawings and ideas, Sven Belin Polymath.


 Above is the drawing I nearly finished last night and did complete the twelfth  in the book whilst at the workshop today.

Before I could man the exhibition today I had a coastal path drawing session with a family from Chesterfield, the weather stayed good enough and it was a pleasure.

Above is one of the drawing I did in the drawing group on Monday morning that I only got round to documenting today. It was quite a liberating session for me and it fitted in with the altered book works I have done in the past. It was a real fun class and I really enjoyed drawing on some cut outs from The National Geographic and it is all research for further work.

This above is the second drawing I did altering pics from an edition of The NG about the volcanic eruption at Mount Helena.

I then went on to altering some pelicans.

I then went on to a more humourous phase as many others at the drawing group did in the last ten minutes of the class.

Since the class on Monday altering other images has been resting in the back of my mind and also I have been thinking of other ways to draw architecture and therefore I combined the drawing class with altered books and architecture so above and below are my alterations to a Japanese book I got from a table top sale in The Crypt a while ago.

After we decamped from Barnoon we went for a little jolly as it is our 5th wedding anniversary.

Whilst at the Rum & Crab Shack I studied our new book/catalogue that we got from The Belgrave Gallery on the influential 'St Ives' artist Sven Berlin and an interesting viewing it is too.


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