Saturday, 7 October 2017

Hand Held View, Barnoon Workshop, Klaus Pinter and work.


Above is the second piece I am putting into the Hand Held View Exhibition I am still debating whether to title it or not. I have spent many years only flinging titles at drawings if I have to although when I was painting I always used to title everything but as I did more and more abstract drawings I found that titling felt a little redundant and leading the viewer to see things my way. I have always enjoyed hearing what others see in my drawings and for some reason the act of looking at one people see free to speak about what they see is just fine with me and part of the broader dialogue of each drawing. Having said that this is the first piece I have done by arranging some of the shards of 'sea pottery' I normally use for my 'art drops'. However this time I did many small drawings and compiled them into a form and then used a mosaic technique then covered with crystal resin. It was always a bit of an experiment at the time but since then I have grown to love it more and more and although this is at present a one off I am very interested in doing more 'compilations' of small drawings. I have now framed it in a small white wooden frame.

Above is the fourth drawing started in my new small scale whole sketchbook work. So far with this work I seem to be exploring a small scale intensity theme and it would seem that it is in the scale of our up and coming exhibition. The sketchbook is A5 so bang on maximum size for this show I think I will be continuing the work when it is my turn(s) to man the exhibition.

This morning I went up a little after Zoe to Barnoon Workshop we are in the process of getting the workshop ready for the show that we open next weekend from the 15th with a unprivate view next Saturday 5pm to 8pm ish. so today I have mainly been painting walls and a shelf white and also painting a few small plinths as part of the preparations for the exhibition today we also received a good amount of postal entries even one from Austria from international artist Klaus Pinter an artist we have exhibited before in a group show, we also had a few artists dropping off their work. It was lovely to see Karen Foss again and then towards the end of the day Jordan Jackson. I will be returning tomorrow to continue the task.

I am now off to draw and feel I have worked hard over the last while. Cheers!

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