Friday, 6 October 2017

Number three complete, Trains, Willow and The Lost Gardens of Heligan.


Above is the drawing I have finished after four sessions, I am slightly reminded of hundreds of poached eggs despite that or because of that I like it and am pleased.

Today started earlier than most for us as we had a workshop to deliver at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, willow weaving. Below is a series of pics from the day.

07.20 nearly at the railway station view across the harbour.

Our second train arriving at St Erth.

After getting off at St Austell we then had a small walk and caught the bus to Heligan, we arrived before 09:30 and by 10:00 we were delivering a willow weaving workshop. Three hours later with a cake tea break in The Heligan Kitchen we had finished a jovial creative workshop. We went back to the place of our tea break for a groovy lunch. By the time we had finished we had missed the bus back to St Austell so we went around the gardens in the warm autumn sunshine.

It is not often you see pineapples growing in England.

Apparently a rare breed of geese!

A coffee, sparrows, chaffinches, crows, jackdoors, a robing and a very relaxing moment.

The Jungle.

On the way back from The Burma Rope Bridge we had a little stop and did a quick sketch.

We have now have done our journey home and are watching Nile Rogers.

I am off to get some drawing done.

Good day.

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