Monday, 23 October 2017

Starting the week again, Work in progress and Barnoon Workshop etc etc.


Above is the start of my latest drawing a two parter so to speak. The same premise for the top and bottom but a potentially different outcome from the same rules. I like that kind of idea.

As I probably say nearly every Monday it starts with the Drawing class at Barnoon Workshop run by my Wife. Today we had a larger group than usual and our session was about drawing with felt tipped pens markers and other contemporary pens and above and below are the two examples I did. There were more than usual in the group today so we had to use both ends of the workshop.

 Above and below are a couple of photos from my day and not too far from our Barnoon Workshop. It might not look sunny but the temperature was really quite warm for the middle of October.

Since then I have helped clean up at the workshop after this afternoons watercolour class and I started to strip the varnish off my son's skateboard deck so I can get it ready for me to draw on.

I also did a small art drop today which I know has already been found.

Well as usual when finishing the blog I am getting ready to continue drawing and tonight I will continue with the drawing at the top of the page. I am going to enjoy how each of the two patterns evolve.


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