Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tuesday: Terry Frost: Barnoon Workshop: Art Tour and new drawings.


Above is yet another in my recent series of obliterarty drawings and I am starting to head into what could be the last few days work before completion. This one was done in two sessions and was the first finished. I then attended to the small bits of pages inbetween the full pages and I moved on.

Above is the second work from last night and I am again very happy with it an how it fits in the whole book.

Above is the final drawing from last night a light free one just to bring a little relief from the previous saturated colours.

Tuesday started in a very pleasant way. I walked from home to Barnoon Workshop to see if I had anyone on my Art Tour around St Ives. I found that I had four people and the weather wasn't that great so they decided photography over drawing and off we went, first up to Alfred Walliss's grave and then around town we me showing and talking about some of the interesting and historic art spot around the town. Until last year I had never thought or imagined that I could and would do an art tour. I have had many jobs in the past some creative some less so from manual work to teaching but now my life is more dedicated to the arts and creativity being a tour guide once a week fits in and I do enjoy it. This was my first tour of the year and a very nice start. One of the people on the tour was Jenny Hurst a painter with works in The Porthminster Gallery.

After the tour I returned home for a quick lunch then we both went back to Barnoon where my wife delivered a workshop Paint A Mini Masterpiece like Terry Frost, my role is as teaching assistant. We only had two takers but it was fun. When I first discovered art for myself Terry Frost was one of the my 'big three' of 'St Ives Artists' that I first really started to get and wanted to see much much more of and where I began to get it

Above is a small work I produced as part of the workshop and not exactly a homage to Terry Frost but made up of spare bits, acrylic on cardboard collage.

Above is the work that I did as a homage and I enjoyed doing it and am enjoying looking at it now. It is good to explore another artist every now and again and it can inform your own work too.

Above is one I made at a previous Terry Frost workshop but I don't think I have photographed it before, so here it is.

Since then we have had a little planning meeting over a much earned pint in The Castle and then returned home. Once home I got a message from a good friend saying her partner had had a heart attack yesterday and he is alright and should be home by the weekend. A bit of a scare and makes you think.

I am off to draw soon and relax and get ready for tomorrow's workshop.


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