Saturday, 25 February 2017

The first year of my comtemporary abstract drawing blog plus extras........

365 days ago I started to blog and I have done it everyday since.

Why did I start it?

  • As an added discipline to my work.
  • To Share my drawing and parts of my life.
  • To show how I work and think.
  • To get my art out to more people.

One of the main features of my blog is me showing the work I have done over the last 24 hours so above is a drawing I finished last evening, I had started the previous evening but hadn't managed to complete it, so that is just what I did.

Above is a drawing I started and finished in last evenings session and yet again which seems to be a feature of my recent drawings, especially on this work I embarked on over the last three weeks or so. It is an altered sketchbook and doing something to it that I have now christened 'obliterarty', I feel it is a playful term and thus sums it up really. I am on the last few pages now but I am happy that it is working well in my eyes.

To celebrate that I have now been doing this blog for a year below are a few of the first images I shared into the blog world.

Above is a close up of one of my larger drawings that I have done in slightly over a year and gives you an insight into the kind of work I do, I like to be lose but detailed and some works can take many many hours or even sometimes days that can sometimes be spread over weeks and months. The bigger pieces I work on can only be done normally in free time and snatched moments although I work everyday on smaller stuff and on average a few hours every evening.

The drawing above was started in Oxford when we were last up there visiting family just after Christmas last year, I was just starting to explore a new pen type that I hadn't explored much but I was given some Letraset Pro-Markers as a present and had to use them. It is by no means a large drawing but took many hours and has a lot of dots and no I am not counting however you are welcome to if you wish.

Above is a drawing done on mount board. This one took probably 3 sessions to complete and looking back at it again I like it and fits well with my work in general.

Above is another drawing on mount board and I do love drawing on it and it is also good that these scraps get used to bring something into the world.

Above is one of the first photos of me actually drawing and thank you to Jordan Jackson for taking this pic and so many others for me over the last year or so.

 So the question in my head having just got to this first year in the blog world what have I got out of it?
  • I have gained a greater idea of what I am doing with all this thing I call contemporary abstract drawing.
  •  I have shown off what I do on a daily basis to a small part of the online world who want to look.
  •  It has made me think and order my thoughts so I am able to talk more in depth about my art if required.
  • I am surprised that in this last year that over 10,000 people have viewed my blog.
  • I have received some lovely comments from a few buyers and quite a few people who have found my 'art drops'.
  • I have thanks for all that have read and shared.  
  • I feel more cohesive about what I do having written about what it all.
So as per usual I am off to draw and I think I will continue sharing.

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