Sunday, 5 February 2017

Smallest, large A1 ond new obliterarty. Abstarct Drawing.

Another day in the life of an artist, sounds a bit pretentious but it is what I do. So below are some very recent works that I have done and some from a little while back.

Above is a drawing I think is completed that I finished last night, using sharpies a silver gel pen and a highlighter pen on mount board. It is quite straight forward but it did take two sessions.

Today has been a bit of a Sunday, we didn't have too much of a lie in and got on with some stuff in the morning, some of it legal stuff I cannot discuss but it does affect our business and hopefully we will reach a fair conclusion to it soon.

This afternoon we went out to have a coffee at our old business Cafe Art and to deliver some posters for our classes etc. After the coffee we had a little wander around town and then back up to the house, I did a little art drop on the way back, pictured below.

 Also over the last day I have been experimenting more more obliterarty of people so I can get match fit for next weekends Barnoon Workshop event where I am hoping some people will turn up with a picture of themselves for me to work on and they will get a unique piece of Wotnot art for £15

Above and below are to of these practices.

 Above is a drawing I did last year that has recently had a good pic taken of it  by my friend Jordan Jackson. In recent blogs I have been featuring selections of these photos. This drawing is A1 in size on 300 gsm Fabriano and if you would like to buy it it is priced at £250 from me direct.

Above is a much smaller drawing from the same photo session but done more recently.

I also draw on many different mediums and this above is a smallish fragment of sea pottery found on a local beach that I have added to. Below are two of my smallest drawing one on a small piece of sea worn brick and the other on a pumpkin seed, is there nothing I wont draw on, well maybe but I like the challenge of different mediums.

Well as I often or nearly always say at this point I am off to draw and think stuff up.

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