Monday, 13 February 2017

Starting the week and other thoughts.

Well the week has started with a bang but more of that later. Above is the first of two drawings started last evening and this one is finished, I am still playing with ideas that keep morphing and moving forward. I think even if I tried the same drawing twice it would look quite different and I might have to try that before the end of the book that I am currently working on and in truth can't wait to carry on exploring and inventing as I go through it.

Above is the second drawing started last evening but not quite finished well that is if I only add the horizontal uni-pin lines but we will see.

Back to this morning, for work my wife, Zoe  and I run an Arts and Crafts workshop space in St Ives Cornwall and with it being half term we are getting busier. We noticed this as we opened up and within a short time we had 13 for drawing and today was a drawing with sharpies workshop the regulars I took in the smaller half of Barnoon Workshop and Zoe took the rest in the bigger half. It was busy fun and over in what seemed double quick time. Zoe had the holidaymakers drawing on ceramic tiles and many other contemporary mediums and I had the others exploring pattern after a warm up exercise of drawing plants with sharpies. When we went onto patterns most of explored the way the ink bleeds through cartridge paper so I had them exploring what I call 'The Bleeding Narrative'. After this busy morning we went home for lunch and then Zoe went back up for this afternoons Water Colour Workout. At the end I went back up helped clear up and then we picked up some stuff for dinner and cashed in our 3 number lottery ticket and we were both surprised that we had won £25. A nice little piece of luck to put a little cheer in your soul.

I am now starting to think about what I will draw next in my altered sketchbook work that I am a couple of weeks into now but before I finish this blog I have probably the final 3 images from Jordan Jackson's last photo session of my work. Above is a postcard sized work using various sharpies a white gel pen and a uni-pin fine liner.

Above is a small-ish drawing and looking at it now it seems to be one of those works that seep out from time to time and veer towards op-art. It is not why I make the patterns I do like it when they have that kind of movement.

Above is another postcard drawing I did a while back and I think it is quite a subtle on with the distraction of the larger blue sharpie dots with tha white gel pen on and then the smaller dots in diminishing size rectangles in two colours. and this pattern does create a nice delicate vanishing point.

Well nearly ready to put pen to paper and see what comes out tonight and I will be thinking of ideas for tomorrows Drawing with Wire class and more.

So cheers all!

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